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Preaching by David Sanders O.P.


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fr. David Sanders is Master of Students and teaches scripture at Blackfriars, Oxford. He also runs the St Martin's Mission Centre, which raises funds for the Province's mission in the West Indies.

15th February 2015: The Church's Healing Touch?

fr David ask us to reflect on how we can brings Christ's healing presence to those most alone in the world.

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18th April 2014: When I Am Lifted Up

fr David shows us how the cross transforms this world.

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7th July 2013: Peace be to this house

fr David shows us how Jesus Christ's mission is one of universal peace.

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2nd September 2012: Why True Religion is Irreplaceable

fr David helps us to discern what lies at the heart of true religion.

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30th October 2011: Out of an Agony of Love

fr David Sanders warns today's Church, and today's Christians, against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees.

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26th December 2010: Families That Foster Holiness

fr David Sanders preaches on the Feast of the Holy Family. Our Christmas sermon can be found here.

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7th February 2010: Called to Holiness

fr David Sanders considers where we can find God and where he finds us.

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19th April 2009: Who Can Overcome the World?

fr David Sanders suggests that the effects of greed in our world can only be overcome by the power of the Resurrection.

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13th July 2008: Growth in the Kingdom

fr David Sanders ponders the mystery of 'growth' in the Church. more »

19th August 2007: The Peace That Only Comes Through Fire

fr David Sanders dares us to risk being consumed by fire. more »

26th November 2006: Rulers of the Kings of the Earth

fr David Sanders wonders how we can share in the kingship of Christ. more »

29th January 2006: The Destructive Power of Christ

fr David Sanders preaches on the power of Christ to put demons to flight. more »

20th June 2004: No distinctions

fr. David Sanders preaches on the blessing of everlasting life. more »

18th April 2003: The Necessity of the Cross

fr. David Sanders preaches on the necessity of our Lord's manner of death. more »

25th August 2002: Peter's Keys

fr. David Sanders preaches on the power of the keys entrusted to Peter and his successors. more »

24th June 2001: No one greater born of woman

fr. David Sanders preaches on the signficance of Jesus' forerunner. more »